Vicissitudes of the Tug M/s Alpo (ex U.S. Army Small Tug ST-335)m/s Alpo







The naval offensive of the Operation Overlord is known as Operation Neptune. The operation of assembling the artificial harbour is called Mulberry.

The artificial harbour was assembled with tugs from 150 concrete blocks called "Phoenix". The dimensions of the blocks were 60 (L) x 18 (H) x 18 (B) meters.


Normandie memoire Espace Historique:

The U.S. Merchant Marine in WW2: the towage operations at Normandy:

A painting by Dwight C. Shepler showing ST-class tugs positioning a Phoenix block:

DR-18 (1946 - 1951)

After WW II 24 tugs were acquired by Finnish Ministry of Supply (Kansanhuoltoministeriö) from war surplus in 1946 to be used in fulfilling the orders of Truce of Moscow on September 19, 1944 concerning mine clearing in the Baltic Sea. ST-335 was renamed DR-18 (from Finnish term for diesel-operated minesweeper "diesel-raivaaja").


M/s Alpo (1952 -)

The ship was rebuilt by F.W. Hollming dockyard at Rauma. The foredeck was raised and the ice bow installed to make it suitable to work as harbour icebreaker. The ship worked in Oulu as harbour tug and icebreaker from 1952 until 1990. The name "M/s Alpo" comes from the name of Alpo Autio, the deputy mayor of the city of Oulu.


M/s Alpo at Toppila harbour (picture from Uuno Laukka’s Collection):
"Hinaaja Alpo" (Tug Alpo) painted by Eeli Aalto:
"Elegia kahdelle hinaajalle" (An Elegy for two tugs) painted by Eeli Aalto:
"Poika ja hinaaja" (Boy and Tug) painted by Eeli Aalto:
"Hylätty satama" (The Deserted Harbour) painted by Eeli Aalto:


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